It’s time to put away the red bikini? I miss it already… Summer ends too quickly every single year. Fall, it’s not you. It’s me. I simply love endless summer and I’m not ready to let it go!


Putting the top down and heading straight to the beach for the day with a book is my favorite thing to do during summer. Nothing beats the smell of sun screen and dreamy ocean air. Literally.


There’s already a crisp coolness to the air as the sun goes down and our shadows are beginning to grow longer. Can I have the days back where I used to saunter back home in the evenings wearing only my swim suit, sandals and towel over my shoulders? Please?

Version 3IMG_2292IMG_4019

J.CREW red bikini
MARYSIA white bikini

We can’t avoid fall, so it’s time to bring out the fringed cardigan sweaters and cashmere blankets.

Until next time, Summer.

xx Rainy

*Photo Credit: Jorgi Paul