It’s Christmas Eve, people. The days have flown by this year. One year ago I was living in Rome, celebrating Christmas with my family in the most beautiful city in the world. However, I couldn’t be happier to spend the holidays at home this year (in the snow!!!).

There’s a quietness to the snow where life moves in slow motion as the snow flakes fall from the sky. I started thinking that with time flying past us, it’s important that we acknowledge our memories as well as be fully present.

The only place I want to be this Christmas is in the moment.



This type of time encourages you to observe the power of now and truly acknowledge the important aspects in life. Now is when you feel inspired, alive, vibrant, happy. I’m determined to take time to appreciate routine as well as appreciate change.


I’ve come to realize the importance of spending time with quality friends and enjoying the free time you have as you wake up and don’t have a care in the world about what’s on the agenda. You can’t be everywhere at once! So, you might as well enjoy the moments of now and be with the people around you (while wearing a white tulle skirt and playing in the snow).


The best moments are when you unexpectedly find yourself dancing in the kitchen with your mother to Luke Bryan, spontaneously making hot chocolate as the temperatures hit below freezing, laughing so hard your stomach starts to ache and your cheeks hurt about the silliest inside jokes with your sister, roaming the isles of Home Depot with your dad, and drinking wine by the fire place with your dog. It’s the unexpected moments that create meaning in life and drive us forward.


Embrace those moments of being fully present, because it’s the best gift you can give your friends and family this Christmas (plus, it’s free!).

IMG_1087IMG_1149 IMG_1673
FREE PEOPLE off the shoulder shirt
BAILEY44 midi skirt
ROSSIGNOL beanie (similar here)
VANS slip on sneakers

Remember- breathe and be in the moment. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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xx Rainy


Photos by Jorgi Paul





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