Classic White Buttondown


One key item that needs to hang in every woman’s closet: the crisp, white buttondown. Pair it with a layered skort to add flair, your favorite destroyed denim to channel your inner tomboy, or slimming slacks for a weekend event. The white buttondown is simply a classic that can be personally tailored to your style and wardrobe.


I am currently obsessed with the neutral color palette that has been spotted on the runways for Paris Fashion Week as well as on the streets of California. So I couldn’t resist throwing on my Vince sandals in taupe with a wooden, block heel.


A white buttondown can stand alone, but accessories never hurt anybody, right? To keep the look playful, I wrapped my floral skinny scarf around my wrist and grabbed my cheetah print clutch!


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J. HILBURN custom made shirt
J. CREW green skort (similar here)
VINCE heels

xx Rainy

Photographed by Ivy Guild


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Leather Jacket and Unfinished Hem


The warm days are finally getting longer. My weekend looks are beginning to transition from winter to spring, and I’m loving the fact that I now have more daylight to walk through the palm tree lined streets.

Meet your new closet essentials with frayed hem, cropped denim by CURRENT/ELLIOTT, a staple leather jacket and my favorite classic, the striped tank. My weekend uniform rotates through each of these items, making life so much more fun and easy.


Lately, the San Diego sun has been hiding behind the clouds, so draping a jacket over your shoulders is essential. Not only does it keep you warm, but it adds an effortless layering affect to your look.



Details, details, details. The playful bandana and splash of red compete any outfit. The classic straight leg is perfectly cropped with an unfinished hem, which lend to casual and edgy vibes. I also can’t leave the house without adding a touch of my favorite feminine “Antique Pink” lipstick by Laura Mercier.


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DOMA leather jacket
T BY ALEXANDER WANG striped tank (similar here)
CURRENT/ELLIOTT cropped, unfinished hemline denim

xx Rainy

Photographed by Ivy Guild


How to Brunch in Style

There are few things I look forward to more than brunch on a Saturday or Sunday (or any day, really). How can a day not be great when it starts off with the sun shining, blueberry granola pancakes in front of you and a bellini in hand? This is exactly what the weekend calls for. To me, brunch is no joke, and your get up is just as important as the Instagramable avocado toast you ordered.

Find out what style best suits your morning cravings to ensure that you brunch in style. Cue your Insta filters.


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Farmers Market Lovin’

SUN! I’m taking full advantage of the beautiful weather while El Niño takes a break. This past weekend I ventured to the bustling farmers market in Little Italy to experience a taste of local flavor, to engage in great people watching and to absorb some serious vitamin D.

Who doesn’t want to sample local honey, fresh organic berries that burst in your mouth and fresh coconut water in the actual coconut? I sound like such a true Californian right now…



Spring is the best time to hit the market because not only are the days warmer, but the food seems to taste better and the flowers are so vibrant and beautiful, they look fake!


Roses are my favorite flower, especially when they’re pink and mini!


I decided to sport a fresh white tank for the day and tucked it into my favorite suede snap-up skirt to add texture to the look. Anytime I wear high-waisted, I always pair it with a statement belt. My current obsession is B-Low the Belt’s Bri Bri double buckled belt. Strappy sandals are always a must with warm weather, so of course I sported my leather sandals by K. Jacques. I then wore my pink reflective Ray-Bans to add a pop of pink to match the vibrant colors at the market.


Taste testing at the market is even better when you have a partner in crime who snags you extra cheese samples.

IMG_0327 IMG_0264

Exploring downtown after making the rounds at the Little Italy market is a great way to end the day. I always search for a bench covered by shade to enjoy the tasty goods I found.


Which is your favorite farmers market? Comment below!

ZARA suede skirt (similar here)
J. CREW vintage tank
K. JACQUES sandals

xx Rainy

Photographed by Jorgi Paul


Bottega Louie, I Love You

For those of you who know me, you are (very) aware of how serious my sweet tooth is. Macaroons, croissants and beignets are the way to my heart and I can never turn away chocolate covered anything. Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets, whether you love the classic chocolate box or prefer your sugar in the form of wine. Bottega Louie is the patisserie of my dreams and is where bae I will treat myself to this Valentine’s Day.



Bottega Louie is my first stop this Valentine’s Day with its sky high ceilings, bright white walls, gold accents and colorful pastries. Sweet love! Strawberry marshmallow is the flavor of the month and couldn’t be more perfect for the holiday.


I’m low key obsessed with this fun box covered in palms and metallics that my bright macaroons came in! Earl grey, rose, grand cru and lemon are my go-to picks with unique flavors and bold colors. After I devoured gracefully ate all of the treats, I saved the box and now use it to hold all of my jewelry on my night table.

If you want to pre-order a set of macaroons and ship it to that special someone, check out Bottega Louie’s website or give them a call!

What’s your favorite place to shop for sweets? Comment below!

xx Rainy


Valentine’s Day Date Night: Featuring the LBD

Happy February, everyone! The sun starts to stays up longer and the days are a little warmer. Life in 2016 couldn’t be any better. Until you realize that Valentine’s Day is two weeks away… But who’s counting, anyway?


Whether you’re anxiously waiting for a romantic night with bae or excited to celebrate with friends, I created a Valentine’s Day outfit guide to prep you for your date night ahead. The featured go-to item? The little black dress. No matter the plans, a LBD paired with bold accessories and the right shade of lipstick will land you in the center of attention all night long.



I’m wearing a ruffle mini dress by Glamorous. The free silhouette knows exactly what I want in life: a flattering fit, a touch of flair and, most importantly, extreme comfort. I paired it with ankle wrap sandals, which lend cool and casual vibes. Dress it up in the evening with the perfect pointed nude heels.


The unique criss cross straps on the back of this LBD sold me. Different from anything else I own, how could I resist such a playful dress?



The Clair V. cheetah print clutch is the bold accessory needed to complete the LBD. The print adds an edgy element to an otherwise ultra-feminine look.



Below is an outfit guide on different ways to sport a LBD for your Valentine’s Day Date Night:

Dinner and Cocktails: Keep a short shift playful and chic with dramatic drop earrings and flattering tassel wrap heels.

Movie Night: An understated silk shirt dress paired with black booties are essentials for a laid back evening.

A Show Downtown: Make an impact with a floor length dress. Maintain your effortless elegance with a glamorous clutch and edgy leather jacket thrown over your shoulders.


GLAMOROUS ruffled mini dress (similar here)
CLAIR V. clutch
K. JACQUES sandals

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xx Rainy


Photos by Ivy Guild


10 Outfits to Incorporate this January

Finding inspiration within your wardrobe can be a difficult task, especially in the heart of winter. Suffice to say, I know a thing or two about sticking to a uniform of all black. With a new year comes a fresh sartorial perspective. Before heading into 2016 with the same-old look, set out to experiment with trends that continuously catch your eye as they walk down the street or as you flip through magazines.

I’ve compiled looks that I’m currently obsessed with to help your OOTD all month long. Keep it cozy with chic knits or effortlessly classic with structured pants or ultra elegant with feminine silhouettes. These versatile looks are easy to incorporate into your daily outfit to help revamp your daily outfits for January and the rest of 2016.

Outfit 1: Casual Bomber Jacket with Embroidered Details. My picks: Lace bomber by ASOS, Embroidered bomber by Needle & ThreadMetallic bomber by Gucci




It’s All in The Stars

Here we go! The first Monday of the New Year. You have two options today: sleep in and dream or wake up and chase those dreams.



Parkas and puffers are great for when temperatures dip below freezing, but they can quickly take away from the cool factor you have going for you by hiding your killer outfit underneath it. It’s a New Year, New You. So keep your look on point with unbeatable details that allow your outfit to shine, with or without a puffer jacket.  I’m currently obsessed with my new cashmere beanie by & Other Stories.


I brought out my girly side today by tucking in my favorite light and airy, dreamy star blouse into a flared, wool skirt. Stars are an ultra chic and fun detail to peek out from under a half zipped puffer jacket as well. I adore how the structured shirt balances the feminine shape of the playful skirt.

IMG_1741IMG_1838IMG_1789One goal of mine this year is to push the limits with my style by adding color to my daily looks. Wearing my red tassel purse is attempt #1 in 2016.

I played with the lengths of necklaces and double layered them to add depth and character to the look. The more layers the merrier!

IMG_1823IMG_1831IMG_1832 IMG_1846IMG_1756

The perfect opaque tight is difficult to come by. That’s why you can constantly see me running around town in these Wolford tights, which keep my skirt seasonal in the heart of Winter. I then wore my pointed booties to stay in tune with my edgy side, of course.


EQUIPMENT button-down blouse
ZARA skirt (similar here)
WOLFORD tights

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xx Rainy


Photos by Jorgi Paul


Hello, It’s Me. Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, people. The days have flown by this year. One year ago I was living in Rome, celebrating Christmas with my family in the most beautiful city in the world. However, I couldn’t be happier to spend the holidays at home this year (in the snow!!!).

There’s a quietness to the snow where life moves in slow motion as the snow flakes fall from the sky. I started thinking that with time flying past us, it’s important that we acknowledge our memories as well as be fully present.

The only place I want to be this Christmas is in the moment.



This type of time encourages you to observe the power of now and truly acknowledge the important aspects in life. Now is when you feel inspired, alive, vibrant, happy. I’m determined to take time to appreciate routine as well as appreciate change.


I’ve come to realize the importance of spending time with quality friends and enjoying the free time you have as you wake up and don’t have a care in the world about what’s on the agenda. You can’t be everywhere at once! So, you might as well enjoy the moments of now and be with the people around you (while wearing a white tulle skirt and playing in the snow).


The best moments are when you unexpectedly find yourself dancing in the kitchen with your mother to Luke Bryan, spontaneously making hot chocolate as the temperatures hit below freezing, laughing so hard your stomach starts to ache and your cheeks hurt about the silliest inside jokes with your sister, roaming the isles of Home Depot with your dad, and drinking wine by the fire place with your dog. It’s the unexpected moments that create meaning in life and drive us forward.


Embrace those moments of being fully present, because it’s the best gift you can give your friends and family this Christmas (plus, it’s free!).

IMG_1087IMG_1149 IMG_1673
FREE PEOPLE off the shoulder shirt
BAILEY44 midi skirt
ROSSIGNOL beanie (similar here)
VANS slip on sneakers

Remember- breathe and be in the moment. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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xx Rainy


Photos by Jorgi Paul





How to Guide: Airport Outfits

Heading home for the holidays is my absolute favorite. Home cooked meals, drinking wine by the fire, playing with my dog. Perfection. The traveling through a crowded airport part, not so much. It can be extremely stressful: How early should I get to the airport? Did I bring my ID? I hope I packed enough socks… Oh no, my phone did NOT just die! The number of things that could go wrong are endless, so wearing a comfortable outfit is high on my priority list when it comes to traveling through an airport. My typical round trip is SD –>SLC, so I generally look disheveled when leaving the always sunny and 72° San Diego carrying a North Face jacket and blanket scarf, while wearing my over-the-knee boots as I head to below freezing temperatures. So you can see that I am in serious need of airport outfit inspiration that makes me feel more organized and cool.

I know, I know. Figuring out what to wear on the plane is one more item to add to the stress list of traveling. Have no fear: this guide on how to dress at the airport will never let you feel out of sorts again. Below are my favorite looks of celebs spotted at the airport (shouldn’t they have a private jet..?) where I’m looking to for inspiration on what to wear when flying home this week:


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.42.06 AM

Lily Aldridge. Need I say more? I adore how she sports a light wash chambray shirt with casually rolled sleeves with a pair of leather pants. Gold studded booties are a great way to stay comfortable, while looking fabulous at the same time. Her wide brim hat is the perfect touch for effortlessly chic vibes.



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